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Expo Line Power Rail Installation

Project Highlights 
  • Replacing power rail on the Expo Line.
  • Working overnight during non-revenue periods
Vancouver, British Columbia
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks crews are replacing the power rail on the Expo Line, which runs between downtown Vancouver and Surrey to the southeast. 

Project Scope 

PNR RailWorks has already replaced more than 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) of power rail on the Expo Line.

The crew of 35 people are executing the project in three process-oriented teams with distinct roles.

First, the engineering team uses computer-aided design software to draft construction drawings that not only meet the criteria in the customer-supplied design drawings but also pre-determine the length of rail and the locations of other components.

Second, the preparation team cuts and drills rail and then sequences the rail and support components so that they are accessible in the correct order and free of any issues for the installation team.

Finally, the installation team performs its tasks during a 6 1/2-hour overnight shift. This team removes old power rail and components and replaces them with the new material readied by the preparation team.