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CPR Capacity Expansion – British Columbia

PNR RailWorks constructed track at five strategic locations to add capacity on CPR's line in British Columbia.
Project Highlights 
  • Constructed 75,000 feet of new mainline and passing track
  • Installed 47 turnouts
  • Performed 1,000+ thermite welds
Swansea, British Columbia
Canadian Pacific Railway
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks constructed new sidings, backtracks and turnouts to add capacity at five strategic CPR mainline locations in British Columbia.

Project Scope 

PNR RailWorks constructed 75,000 feet of new mainline and passing track with concrete ties, installed 47 turnouts, including #20 crossover switches, and performed 1,000+ thermite welds. The crews mobilized to complete the new construction capacity expansion projects at Swansea, Savona, Golden, Salmon Arm and Chase along CPR’s mainline in British Columbia.

Unique Features 

All work was successfully completed under “rule 42” alongside active mainline track. PNR RailWorks crews worked in short, six and eight-hour work blocks to install turnouts and complete the mainline connections.