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RailWorks Great Works

During a tie change-out job in Greater Toronto, ON, PNR RailWorks maintained such an impressive pace that customer GO Transit decided to up its order. And PNR RailWorks delivered.
PNR RailWorks thermite welders based in British Columbia are the go-to group for crane rail welding at the Port of Vancouver and beyond.
Throughout RailWorks' offices in North America during the holidays, there are examples of holiday spirit, good cheer and genosity. At the corporate office in New York, NY, employees continued the annual tradition of donating to Toys for Tots, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve toy collection and distribution campaign.
It’s the job of Patrick Picotte, a PNR RailWorks foreman, to ensure the safety of everyone on the worksite. On a night in early June, that job included not only the workers but also a trespasser, drunk and despondent, whose life Patrick almost certainly saved.
Three RailWorks employees called on their first aid training – along with their character and adrenaline – to help at an accident scene while in Lakeville, MN, for an annual safety meeting.
CN’s Chief Engineer, Design & Construction James (“Jim”) McLeod issued a challenge last June, and the PNR RailWorks Track office in Alberta took it seriously. No reservations. No excuses. No complaints. Just plain hard work and a can-do attitude to complete important work for a valued customer, no matter what else also was on the schedule.
Working in Delson, Quebec, “in a backyard, with a pickup,” brothers Marcel and George Coyle started Entretien de Voies Ferrees Coyle Inc., the genesis of PNR RailWorks Quebec Inc.
When two off-duty PNR RailWorks employees got involved to help reopen a streetcar line, they allowed the public enjoy their appointed ride and earned the gratitude of the group that operates the streetcar.
The actions of some PNR RailWorks employees to help a boy inspired a grateful mom to turn to the Internet to ensure her appreciation was widely known.

After a serious car accident in Oshawa, ON, a group of PNR RailWorks Signals & Communications employees was among the first to help.