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RailWorks Great Works

“We need to make this happen.  What’s it going to take?”
When CN’s Chief Engineer, Design & Construction James (“Jim”) McLeod issued that challenge last June, the PNR RailWorks Track office in Alberta took it seriously. No reservations. No excuses.
Behind every great transit system is a great contractor. That’s why PNR RailWorks joined with longstanding customer GO Transit to celebrate the transit system’s Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement award.
When two off-duty PNR RailWorks employees got involved to help reopen a streetcar line, they allowed the public enjoy their appointed ride and earned the gratitude of the group that operates the streetcar.
The actions of some PNR RailWorks employees to help a boy inspired a grateful mom to turn to the Internet to ensure her appreciation was widely known.

After a serious car accident in Oshawa, ON, a group of PNR RailWorks Signals & Communications employees was among the first to help.

Just as the rain came in torrents one July day in Toronto, the PNR RailWorks response was strong and fast to rectify train delays and cancellations for longtime customer GO Transit.

On one extremely stormy night in May, PNR RailWorks Foreman James Filipchuk went far beyond just doing his job well when he helped his customer in Toronto, Ontario, avert an almost-certain derailment.

Find out what on-the-job challenge caused this PNR RailWorks superintendent to shave his head.
PNR RailWorks came away as a safety winner at the 35th annual conference of the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC).
There’s nothing like building three diamonds and six switches in a tunnel to reshape your views about track construction logistics.