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Peter Pearce

Vice President-Western Operations
Peter Pearce first worked in construction over 40 years ago and since then has helped build dams, bridges, industrial plants, highways and railways. Early in his career, Peter worked in the engineering department of CP Rail on the design and construction of the Rogers Pass project, the largest construction project in North America at the time. Since then, he has remained in railroad contracting, including involvement in the construction of virtually every light rail transit system built in western Canada. Peter joined PNR RailWorks in 1982 and has served in various management roles. He currently is responsible for operations in Western Canada.

Leadership Team

PNR RailWorks Inc.

Vice President-Eastern Operations
Vice President-Western Operations
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Human Resources Director
Corporate Safety, Health & Environmental Director


Regional Manager, Prairie Region
Regional Manager, Eastern Region
Regional Manager, Pacific Region
Regional Manager, PNR RailWorks Quebec Inc.

Signals & Communications

Division Manager, Signals & Communications
Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer