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Inspection & Maintenance

PNR RailWorks has a dedicated Signal division that provides comprehensive signal and systems inspection and maintenance services. All work is completed by qualified signal maintainers to ensure signals and systems perform to specified standards.

Monthly Inspections - PNR RailWorks maintainers inspect signals on a monthly schedule. During these routine inspections, maintainers check the relays, gate mechanisms, cable, batteries and grid resistance and document all findings in the log book retained at each signal location.

Transport Canada Inspection & Testing - PNR RailWorks also performs signal inspections and tests in compliance with Transport Canada standards and frequency. A series of tests is performed on a routine basis. In addition to documenting the findings in the log book, PNR RailWorks also maintains a comprehensive record of all tests and provides the client with a copy of each report.

Preventive Maintenance - PNR RailWorks recommends adopting a scheduled preventive maintenance program to help maximize signal uptime and longevity and to avoid maintenance issues or service interruptions. This program includes the following services:

  • Perform general housekeeping to minimize dust
  • Lubricate mechanisms and machines
  • Clean batteries and check for the appropriate voltage
  • Tighten bolts
  • Paint equipment during the summer months

Contact Wayne Barnard at PNR RailWorks for more information or to request a bid for services.